Roadmap to a job

Roadmap towards a job (integration)

As a newcomer (HER) in Flanders, here you can find a roadmap for integrating into the labour market. It is better to follow a ROADMAP to make it easier and faster for you to find and start a job at your level.

It starts with orientation in which you learn about the labour market and put your competenties to be able to match them in order to make a decision. On the other hand, at the beginning it is also good to have a helpful checklist with the processes you need to start, and documents you need to have. Then you find information about available trainings to complete and adapt your competencies. Parallel to the trainings it is nice to do networking , by both social media and direct contacts, which will help you to reach out the vacancies in the market for the next step. Then it comes to the preparation of CV & Motivation Letter for applying jobs. The next step, Job search , gives you a plenty of good tools where and how you can search for vacancies. Job Interviews step provides you with good techniques to prepare yourself. Finally, you make it and you are hired for a job. Last step ‘Workplace Integration’ helps you to adapt in your new workplace.

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    1. Orientation

    Get info about Flemish job market
    Bottleneck jobs in Flanders
    Analyse your strengths and weaknesses and inner compass
    How to orientate yourself
    How to find coaching

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    2. Checklist for Workplace

    Residence and Access to the Labor Market
    Recognition of Your Diploma
    Professional Card
    Good Knowledge of Dutch
    Enough IT Knowledge

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    3. Trainings

    Vocational training centres
    Self-learning Tools

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    4. Networking & Social Media

    Reach out!
    Professional networking
    Meet face-to-face!
    Voluntary work
    Networking platforms
    Mentoring support

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    5. CV & Motivation Letter

    How to prepare your CV
    How to prepare your motivation letter

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    6. Job Search

    Job search platforms
    Temporary job agencies

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    7. Job Interviews

    Interview process in Flanders
    Interview guidelines
    How to prepare for interviews

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    8. Start Your Job

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    9. Workplace Integration

    Job coaching at the workplace
    Language coaching at the workplace
    Workplace learning by individual job training
    Workplace learning by Social Employment
    Trade Unions

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