Networking & Social Media

In Flemish Labour Market Network is very crucial to find a job, many job seekers find jobs via their network, with a good professional network it is easier to find work.

Reach out!

Reaching out might be one of the most important things to do when trying to find a job in Belgium. Attending job fairs, networking events, interesting lectures... could bring you in contact with that one person who could possibly change your life. Reaching out will not only broaden your network but will also help you gain some extra insights in the Belgian job market: what kind of companies are out there, and which ones do you like.
There are various tools for expanding your network. This way you can make yourself visible to the world, but especially to employers and recruiters.

Reach out via “All-in-one 4HER” platform

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  • You have a chance to find matched organizations, employers and see their posts on our platform.
  • You can see their S-tudies, V-acancies, E-vents, P-rojects and T-ools (S-V-E-P-T posts) and improve your network in Flanders.

Professional networking on LinkedIn

A well-detailed profile on the professional networking site LinkedIn is a must. LinkedIn is the most important online business network in Belgium. If you already have a profile you're proud of, it's time to start networking:

  • A lot has been written about what a profile should look like. To give you clear guidelines, VDAB regularly organizes short workshops to learn how to work with LinkedIn . In the article "LinkedIn in a nutshell" you will find some tips. Via LinkedIn you have nothing to lose by sending them a message and asking them if they would be up for a cup of coffee or answer a few of your questions.
  • Finding the right people to connect with is easier than you think. Start by following some groups you're interested in, following some companies you really like and you'll find the right people.
  • Before you send your connection request, make sure to thoroughly check out the person’s profile to know if he/she prefers to be contacted through email, a phone call or does not have any preferences at all. In case nothing is stated, or he/she clearly states that you are welcome to contact him/her via LinkedIn - go ahead! Don't forget to include a message with your request.
  • Your message should include: Information about yourself, Your reason for reaching out, What you hope to get out of the correspondence and a clear well-formulated message without any typos or grammatical errors

Meet face to face!

To build your network, meeting face to face with other people is really important. Meet up is a nice platform to meet with people based on interest areas to expand your network.
You can find interesting events on different social media platforms such as Facebook. Don’t hesitate to join different events to meet people.

Volunteer working

Working as a volunteer is another way of expanding your network. Working voluntarily is very common in Flanders. Widely used platform to search and find volunteer jobs is

Get mentoring support!

Another way of expanding your network is joining one of the mentoring programmes in Belgium. These initiatives offer you a mentor who's already an experienced worker in your sector and helps you navigate around the Flemish labour market jungle. Your mentor will give you tips and tricks, will introduce you to a whole new network and will give you insights in the Flemish job market. Find the mentor program that's right for you. They all have different locations, requirements and some are even specialized in a specific sector. You can find more details in our Mentoring page.

Helpful tools

You can use NIMAP TOOL: The importance of networking designed by Talentree and Vlerick Business School to help you expand your network and improve your networking skills in Belgium.

Please find our very comprehensive Networking Coaching Guide here improve your networking skills by practical tips.