Whether you're looking for a job or currently found one, you should never stop learning and developing yourself. You might need to complete or update your skills for the Flemish labour market. It is always better to gain new competences in the challenging and developing world.

You can follow trainings and courses offered by different training centres in Flanders. Or you can also do self-learning by following online courses.

Vocational training centres

As a HER you can also get vocational training in order to update your knowledge and integrate into the labour market easily in Vlaanderen.

Employment Service VDAB offers many FREE courses for HERs in whole Flanders.You can also first join info sessions to decide.

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Centres for Adult Education (CVO) also offer some training for HERs in addition to language courses. Find one close to you.

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SYNTRA is also another learning centre where you can find different trainings.

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You can also find adult trainings related with your profession or you’re interested in Education Chooser (Onderwijskiezer) website.

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Qrios has 150 different adult trainings in Vlaams-Brabant and Limburg.

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Actiris is the public employment service in Brussels, where you can get many courses.

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Self-learning Tools

The digital age brings a lot of tools for your self-learning.

VDAB offers very useful online courses, webinars and online workshops. You can search and apply for them here.

Coursera and Edx are two really big online learning platforms that present a variety of courses from universities and other organizations.

Udemy offers some free and cheap courses. The principle is based on peer to peer learning, but you will find teaching stars on the platform.

If you're looking for a more top-notch site for tech learning Plural sight is your way to go. They offer one or two free courses.

Udacity offers free courses, but also some that could cost you 1,000 euros. The free courses are quite useful as refreshers for topics like Algorithms, Math, etc. The paid courses are world- renowned.

Packtpub is the strange one in this list since it doesn't offer any courses but offers free books about tech topics. Perfect for polishing your app building skills and Python programming.